Exporting an image from QGIS

Let’s say I’ve created a beautiful map. In fact, let’s make that step one.

Step One: Create a Beautiful Map

Look at this gorgeous gorgeous choropleth of after-school programs based on NYC school districts! It’s so fancy I need to save it as an image.

Step Two: Open Print Composer

We’re going to use a fun tool called the Print Composer to, well, compose your print.

From the top menu, select Project > New Print Composer.

It’ll ask you to create a title - we don’t care, so just click OK.

Step Three: Adding your map

From the top menu, you can select Layout > Add Map, or just click the little rolled up scroll icon on the left-hand side. Then you draw a box and voila! Your map appears in the box.

Step Four: Position your map

If you click “Move Item Content” and then click+drag inside of the map, you’ll be able to reposition it. When it’s selected, you can also change the zoom using the fields in the bottom right. I have a lot more to write in here, but I’m posting it like this because maybe you need it right now.

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