Web Applications for You and Me

Let’s say you just have a ton of data.

“I have a ton of data!”

You might want to do some data analysis, or make some visualizations, but sometimes you just want to put it out there. You know, in a format that isn’t an Excel spreadsheet. A wonderful web page for browsing your dataset, maybe running a few searches, just allowing everyone in on the secret.

Welcome to the wild world of web applications (kind of, sort of, somewhat)! Web apps are a great way to take complex, interrelated data (or even simple data) and display it to an end user. While a lot of times you build web apps to display data to the outside world, you can also use it internally - plenty of newsrooms build internal apps that are used for digging through information.

Let’s get our build on!

NOTE: The big difference between what we’re doing and what most people building webapps are doing is a big one: we generally don’t insert new data. Maybe we have updated databases, sure, but we don’t need a whole system for adding blog posts or tweets or whatever. Our main concern is browsing.

  1. Databases (RDMSs):

  2. Databases and ORMs:

  3. Intro to peewee:

  4. Building a Flask App:

  5. Sidequest - Adding latitude and longitude to your dataset (and geocoding it):

  6. Adding layouts to our Flask webapp (aka headers and footers):

  7. Making our site look nice REAL FAST with Bootstrap, a frontend framework:

  8. Adding maps to our Flask webapp:

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