Customizing your GitHub Profile

Although people won’t spend too long gazing at your GitHub profile page, a little investment in fixing it up will go a long way!

To view your GitHub profile, click your account icon in the upper-right corner of the screen, then select Your profile.

Location of profile link

GitHub has a profile guide to step you through all sorts of topics, but we’ll hit the big ones here.

Updating your bio

Your GitHub profile contains who columns of information - the left hand side is about you as a person, and the right hand side is (generally, mostly) about your code. We’ll start by updating your personal profile!

A basic personal profile

Click the Edit profile button and you’ll be able to fill out all sorts of fields about yourself. You can also edit much of the same information at

At the very least, you should add a name, upload a picture (if you feel comfortable), and write a short bio about who you are. A link to your homepage would be nice, but if you don’t have one? No problem, we’ll fix that up later!


Back in 2020 GitHub released the ability to add READMEs to your profile.

This can get very crazy, very fast – pictures, links, tables, animated gifs, anything is possible! For example, check out Thaiane Braga’s GitHub profile:

Thaiane Braga's GitHub profile

Head on over to Abhishek Naidu’s Awesome GitHub Profile README list for more inspiration.

If you feel like your personality and skills can’t be contained in that tiny bio box, you can use GitHub’s guide to set up a custom README-based profile. The process isn’t too tough, you’ll just create a repo named after your username and place a inside of it.