It’s pretty easy to find someone online giving you a list of all of the fonts available in matplotlib, but they’re always really ugly boring lists. This gives you a list plus samples of each font. There might be issues about system fonts vs. matplotlib fonts, but I haven’t noticed anything yet.

An attractive list all matplotlib fonts

You’ll need to run this code in your own Jupyter Notebook to get the fonts that will work on your own computer.

import matplotlib.font_manager
from IPython.core.display import HTML

def make_html(fontname):
    return "<p>{font}: <span style='font-family:{font}; font-size: 24px;'>{font}</p>".format(font=fontname)

code = "\n".join([make_html(font) for font in sorted(set([ for f in matplotlib.font_manager.fontManager.ttflist]))])

HTML("<div style='column-count: 2;'>{}</div>".format(code))

.Hiragino Kaku Gothic Interface: .Hiragino Kaku Gothic Interface

.Keyboard: .Keyboard

Adobe Arabic: Adobe Arabic

Adobe Caslon Pro: Adobe Caslon Pro

Adobe Devanagari: Adobe Devanagari

Adobe Fan Heiti Std: Adobe Fan Heiti Std

Adobe Fangsong Std: Adobe Fangsong Std

Adobe Garamond Pro: Adobe Garamond Pro

Adobe Gothic Std: Adobe Gothic Std

Adobe Hebrew: Adobe Hebrew

Adobe Heiti Std: Adobe Heiti Std

Adobe Kaiti Std: Adobe Kaiti Std

Adobe Ming Std: Adobe Ming Std

Adobe Myungjo Std: Adobe Myungjo Std

Adobe Naskh: Adobe Naskh

Adobe Song Std: Adobe Song Std

Alfa Slab One: Alfa Slab One

Amatic SC: Amatic SC

Andale Mono: Andale Mono

Apple Braille: Apple Braille

Apple Chancery: Apple Chancery

Apple SD Gothic Neo: Apple SD Gothic Neo

AppleGothic: AppleGothic

AppleMyungjo: AppleMyungjo

Arial: Arial

Arial Black: Arial Black

Arial Narrow: Arial Narrow

Arial Rounded MT Bold: Arial Rounded MT Bold

Arial Unicode MS: Arial Unicode MS

Ayuthaya: Ayuthaya

Batang: Batang

Bemio: Bemio

Big Caslon: Big Caslon

Birch Std: Birch Std

Bitstream Vera Sans: Bitstream Vera Sans

Bitstream Vera Sans Mono: Bitstream Vera Sans Mono

Bitstream Vera Serif: Bitstream Vera Serif

Blackoak Std: Blackoak Std

Blanch: Blanch

Bodoni 72 Smallcaps: Bodoni 72 Smallcaps

Bodoni Ornaments: Bodoni Ornaments

Bookshelf Symbol 7: Bookshelf Symbol 7

Bradley Hand: Bradley Hand

Brush Script MT: Brush Script MT

Brush Script Std: Brush Script Std

Calibri: Calibri

Cambria: Cambria

Cambria Math: Cambria Math

Canadian Shields: Canadian Shields

Candara: Candara

Chalkduster: Chalkduster

Chaparral Pro: Chaparral Pro

Charlemagne Std: Charlemagne Std

Comic Sans MS: Comic Sans MS

Consolas: Consolas

Constantia: Constantia

Cooper Std: Cooper Std

Corbel: Corbel

Courier New: Courier New

Cubano: Cubano

DIN Alternate: DIN Alternate

DIN Condensed: DIN Condensed

Diploma: Diploma

Diwan Thuluth: Diwan Thuluth

Droid Sans: Droid Sans

Farisi: Farisi

Feast of Flesh BB: Feast of Flesh BB

FontAwesome: FontAwesome

Franklin Gothic Book: Franklin Gothic Book

Franklin Gothic Medium: Franklin Gothic Medium

Gabriola: Gabriola

Georgia: Georgia

Giddyup Std: Giddyup Std

Gill Sans MT: Gill Sans MT

Gujarati MT: Gujarati MT

Gulim: Gulim

GungSeo: GungSeo

Gurmukhi MT: Gurmukhi MT

HeadLineA: HeadLineA

Herculanum: Herculanum

Hiragino Kaku Gothic Pro: Hiragino Kaku Gothic Pro

Hiragino Kaku Gothic ProN: Hiragino Kaku Gothic ProN

Hiragino Kaku Gothic Std: Hiragino Kaku Gothic Std

Hiragino Kaku Gothic StdN: Hiragino Kaku Gothic StdN

Hiragino Maru Gothic Pro: Hiragino Maru Gothic Pro

Hiragino Maru Gothic ProN: Hiragino Maru Gothic ProN

Hiragino Mincho Pro: Hiragino Mincho Pro

Hiragino Mincho ProN: Hiragino Mincho ProN

Hiragino Sans GB: Hiragino Sans GB

Hobo Std: Hobo Std

Hoefler Text: Hoefler Text

Impact: Impact

InaiMathi: InaiMathi

Kailasa: Kailasa

Khmer Sangam MN: Khmer Sangam MN

Kokonor: Kokonor

Kozuka Gothic Pr6N: Kozuka Gothic Pr6N

Kozuka Gothic Pro: Kozuka Gothic Pro

Kozuka Mincho Pr6N: Kozuka Mincho Pr6N

Kozuka Mincho Pro: Kozuka Mincho Pro

Krungthep: Krungthep

Label-EZ Symbols: Label-EZ Symbols

Lao Sangam MN: Lao Sangam MN

LastResort: LastResort

Lato: Lato

League Gothic: League Gothic

Letter Gothic Std: Letter Gothic Std

LiHei Pro: LiHei Pro

LiSong Pro: LiSong Pro

Lithos Pro: Lithos Pro

Lucida Console: Lucida Console

Lucida Sans Unicode: Lucida Sans Unicode

Luminari: Luminari

MS Gothic: MS Gothic

MS Mincho: MS Mincho

MS PGothic: MS PGothic

MS PMincho: MS PMincho

MS Reference Sans Serif: MS Reference Sans Serif

MS Reference Specialty: MS Reference Specialty

Marlett: Marlett

Meiryo: Meiryo

Mesquite Std: Mesquite Std

MetaPlusBold: MetaPlusBold

MetaPlusNormal-Roman: MetaPlusNormal-Roman

Mic 32Bold: Mic 32Bold

Microsoft Himalaya: Microsoft Himalaya

Microsoft Sans Serif: Microsoft Sans Serif

Microsoft Tai Le: Microsoft Tai Le

Microsoft Yi Baiti: Microsoft Yi Baiti

MingLiU: MingLiU

MingLiU-ExtB: MingLiU-ExtB



Minion Pro: Minion Pro

Mishafi: Mishafi

Mishafi Gold: Mishafi Gold

Mongolian Baiti: Mongolian Baiti

Mshtakan: Mshtakan

Myanmar Sangam MN: Myanmar Sangam MN

Myriad Arabic: Myriad Arabic

Myriad Hebrew: Myriad Hebrew

Myriad Pro: Myriad Pro

News Gothic Condensed: News Gothic Condensed

Nueva Std: Nueva Std

OCR A Std: OCR A Std

Open Sans: Open Sans

Orator Std: Orator Std

Osaka: Osaka

Oswald: Oswald

PCMyungjo: PCMyungjo

PMingLiU: PMingLiU

PMingLiU-ExtB: PMingLiU-ExtB

Pacifico: Pacifico

Palatino Linotype: Palatino Linotype

Perpetua: Perpetua

PilGi: PilGi

Plantagenet Cherokee: Plantagenet Cherokee

Poplar Std: Poplar Std

Prestige Elite Std: Prestige Elite Std

Rosewood Std: Rosewood Std

STFangsong: STFangsong

STHeiti: STHeiti

STIXGeneral: STIXGeneral

STIXIntegralsD: STIXIntegralsD

STIXIntegralsSm: STIXIntegralsSm

STIXIntegralsUp: STIXIntegralsUp

STIXIntegralsUpD: STIXIntegralsUpD

STIXIntegralsUpSm: STIXIntegralsUpSm

STIXNonUnicode: STIXNonUnicode

STIXSizeFiveSym: STIXSizeFiveSym

STIXSizeFourSym: STIXSizeFourSym

STIXSizeOneSym: STIXSizeOneSym

STIXSizeThreeSym: STIXSizeThreeSym

STIXSizeTwoSym: STIXSizeTwoSym

STIXVariants: STIXVariants

Sathu: Sathu

SignPainter: SignPainter

Silom: Silom

SimHei: SimHei

SimSun: SimSun

SimSun-ExtB: SimSun-ExtB

Skia: Skia

State Highway Shields: State Highway Shields

Stencil Std: Stencil Std

Symbol: Symbol

Tahoma: Tahoma

Tekton Pro: Tekton Pro

Times New Roman: Times New Roman

Trajan Pro: Trajan Pro

Trattatello: Trattatello

Trebuchet MS: Trebuchet MS

Tw Cen MT: Tw Cen MT

Verdana: Verdana

Wawati SC: Wawati SC

Wawati TC: Wawati TC

Webdings: Webdings

Weibei SC: Weibei SC

Weibei TC: Weibei TC

Wingdings: Wingdings

Wingdings 2: Wingdings 2

Wingdings 3: Wingdings 3

YuGothic: YuGothic

YuMincho: YuMincho

Yuppy SC: Yuppy SC

Yuppy TC: Yuppy TC

Zapf Dingbats: Zapf Dingbats

Zapfino: Zapfino

cmb10: cmb10

cmex10: cmex10

cmmi10: cmmi10

cmr10: cmr10

cmss10: cmss10

cmsy10: cmsy10

cmtt10: cmtt10