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The left is for the positive - "[10,000 people] are watching," ( the right is for the negative "[No one] is watching".

This list is very long, but if you even help with one word I will be happy. ありがとうございます!

1,000 people...1000人...No one...誰も...
有償労働are doing paid workis doing paid work
主な仕事関連are involved with their main jobis involved with their main job
主な仕事are working at their primary jobis working at their primary job
主な仕事中の移動are traveling for workis traveling for work
副業関連are involved with their second jobis involved with their second job
副業are working at their secondary jobis working at a second job
副業中の移動are traveling for secondary workis traveling to a second job
通勤are commuting for workis commuting to/from work
その他の仕事関連are doing other work activitiesis doing other work activities
仕事中の休憩are resting from workis resting from work
求職活動are looking for jobsis job-seeking
無償労働are working for freeis working for free
家事are doing houseworkis doing housework
食事の管理are managing mealsis managing meals
菓子作りare making sweetsis making sweets
園芸are gardeningis gardening
住まいの手入れ・整理are cleaning the houseis cleaning the house
衣類等の手入れare washing clothesis washing clothes
衣類等の作製are making clothesis making clothes
建築・修繕are building and repairingis building or repairing
乗り物の手入れare working on their carsis working on a car
世帯管理are managing the houseis managing the house
乳幼児以外の家族の介護・看護are caring for a non-child family memberis caring for a non-child family member
家族の身の回りの世話are helping a family memberis helping a family member
その他の家事are doing other houseworkis doing other housework
育児are taking care of childrenis taking care of children
乳幼児の介護・看護are caring for childrenis caring for children
乳幼児の身体の世話と監督are supervising a childis supervising children
乳幼児と遊ぶare reading/playing with/talking to childrenis reading/playing with/talking to children
子供の付き添い等are accompanying a childis accompanying a child
子供の教育are teaching a childis teaching a child
子供の送迎移動are transporting a childis transporting a child
買い物・サービスの利用are shopping or using servicesis shopping a using services
買い物are shoppingis shopping
公的サービスの利用are using administrative servicesis using administrative services
商業的サービスの利用are using commercial servicesis using commercial services
家事関連に伴う移動are traveling for houseworkis traveling for housework
ボランティア活動関連are involved with volunteeringis involved with volunteering
ボランティア活動are volunteeringis volunteering
ボランティア活動に伴う移動are traveling for volunteer workis traveling for volunteering
学業,学習・研究are doing studies/schoolwork/researchis doing studies/schoolwork/research
学業are doing schoolworkis doing schoolwork
学校での授業・その他学校での行動are at schoolis at school
学校の宿題are doing homeworkis doing homework
家庭教師による勉強,学習塾・予備校での勉強等are studying at cram/prep schoolis studying at cram/prep school
学校での学習(学業)中の休憩are resting from schoolworkis resting from schoolwork
通学are commuting to/from schoolis commuting to/from school
学習・研究(学業以外)are doing research (no schoolwork)is doing research (no schoolwork)
個人的ケアare involved in 'personal care'is doing 'personal care'
睡眠関連are doing sleepy thingsis doing sleep-related things
睡眠are sleepingis sleeping
うたたねare nappingis napping
療養are at the hospitalis at the hospital
身体的ケアare doing physical careis doing physical care
受診are at the doctoris at the doctor
入浴(自分自身や家族等が行うもの)are bathingis bathing
身の回りの用事(自分自身や家族等が行うもの)are doing personal careis doing personal care
身の回りの用事(個人サービスの利用)are doing personal care (personal services)is doing personal care (personal services)
食事are eatingis eating
朝食are eating breakfastis eating breakfast
昼食are eating lunchis eating lunch
夕食are eating dinneris eating dinner
夜食are eating a late-night snackis eating a late-night snack
軽飲食are eating light mealsis eating a light meal
自由時間have free timehas free time
社会参加・宗教活動are participating in social/religious activitiesis being particularly religious or social
社会参加活動are participating in social activitiesis participating in social activities
礼拝・読経are worshiping or sutra-chantingis worshiping
交際are socializingis socializing
冠婚葬祭are at ceremonial occasionsis at ceremonial occasions
人と会って行う交際・付き合いare meeting someoneis meeting someone
家族とのコミュニケーションare talking to a family memberis talking to a family member
電話による交際・付き合いare on the phoneis on the phone
電子メールによる交際・付き合い are emailingis emailing
手紙等による交際・付き合いare writing lettersis writing letters
教養・趣味・娯楽are being entertainedis being entertained
教養・娯楽are being entertainedis being entertained
創作are doing artsis doing arts
趣味としての菓子作りare making sweets as a hobbyis making sweets as a hobby
成果物を得る趣味・娯楽are being productiveis being production
趣味としての園芸are gardening as a hobbyis gardening as a hobby
ペットの世話are caring for their petsis caring for a pet
犬の散歩等are walking the dogis walking a dog
趣味としての衣類等の作製are making clothes as hobbiesis making clothes as hobbies
趣味are collecting and computingis collecting or computing
ゲームare playing gamesis playing games
ドライブare driving for funis driving for fun
他に分類されない趣味・娯楽are doing other fun thingsis doing other fun things
スポーツare playing sportsis playing sports
エアロビクス系スポーツare playing aerobic sportsis playing aerobic sports
球技are playing ballis playing ball
ウォーター系スポーツare swimmingis swimming
成果物を得るスポーツare doing productive sportsis doing productive sports
他に分類されないスポーツare playing other sportsis playing other sports
マスメディア利用are viewing mass mediais viewing mass media
読書are reading booksis reading books
新聞・雑誌are reading newspapersis reading newspapers
テレビare watching TVis watching TV
ビデオ・DVDare watching DVDsis watching DVDs
ラジオare listening to the radiois listening to the radio
CD・カセットテープare listening to recordingsis listening to recordings
休養・くつろぎare restingis resting
その他are doing other stuffis doing other stuff
移動are travelingis traveling
家事的趣味に伴う移動are traveling for houseworkis traveling for housework
その他の移動are traveling for who knows whyis traveling for who knows why
調査・その他are filling out surveysis filling out a survey
社会生活基本調査に関連する行動are filling out this surveyis filling out this survey
他に分類されない行動are doing other activitiesis doing other activities